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Language Tuition

Foreign Language Tuition 

Foreign Language tuition can help you build your: conversation ability, skills, knowledge and confidence, in school and throughout your life.

Learning a foreign language is useful when going abroad on holiday and can be a career aid. My courses are tailored to your particular needs and requirements.


Foreign Language Tuition

I can tutor a range of foreign languages from Key Stage 3 up to GCSE and A level. I also specialise in the provision of foreign language tutoring for adult learners.

English Tuition

Spanish and French

Spanish and French (all ages covered, including: under 11, Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level and non-academic learners / beginners onwards for adult learners / holiday purposes / conversation).

Greek, German and Italian

Greek, German and Italian (from beginners onwards for children / adult learners / holiday purposes / conversation).

Welsh as a Second Language

I normally teach Welsh as a Second Language to Adult beginners, but, if you do need Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), you are still more than welcome to contact me.




Lessons offered to individuals, pairs or small groups.

Lessons are tailor-made, based on individual needs. Lessons follow your pace and do not take place when there are absences due to holidays, illness or other commitments, so no lessons are missed and no learning is disrupted.