1 to 1 Language Tuition
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Language Tuition

English Language Tuition 

Tuition of English can help you achieve higher grades and build your confidence, not just in school, but, also, in terms of lifelong learning.

Using a 1 to 1 tutor can help you focus and understand success criteria faster and with more clarity, aiding your academic improvement, across English and often cascading and impacting other subjects. By choosing individual tutoring, your learning can be bespoke to your particular needs and requirements.


English Tuition

English Tuition

I am a secondary specialist, with in-depth experience covering the whole of the GCSE and A Level specifications, but, if you do require Key Stage 2, you are still more than welcome to contact me.


  • MLC TuitionEnglish (Key Stage 2/Primary Years, subject to requirements)
  • MLC TuitionEnglish (Key Stage 3/Years 7-9)
  • MLC TuitionEnglish Language (Key Stage 4/Years 10-11/GCSE)
  • MLC TuitionEnglish Literature (Key Stage 4/Years 10-11/GCSE)
  • MLC TuitionEnglish Language/English Literature (Key Stage 5/Sixth Form/Years 12-13/A Level)
  • MLC TuitionEnglish as a Foreign Language
  • MLC TuitionEnglish for Academic Purposes